• analysis of risks arising from the possibility of declaring bankruptcy,
  • analysis of risks resulting from the possibility of filing a petition for restructuring,
  • applications and claim recovery in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • restructuring of companies in economic difficulties,
  • advice and representation to the liquidators and creditors of companies in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings,
  • submission of proposals for bankruptcy,
  • representation in incidental proceedings, in particular in proceedings for a vote of ineffectiveness of legal action and proceedings for the withdrawal of assets from an inventory of nature,
  • debt relief of a company.

Provides administrator services of the bankruptcy list:
Správcovská a reštrukturalizačná, k. s.
(Administrative and Restructuring, LP)
Horná 13,
974 01 Banská Bystrica,
Slovenská republika

Registration in CR Regional Court Banská Bystrica, Section Sr, Insert No 582/S
Identification No: 36 866 555,
Tax Code: 2022951601,
VAT NO: SK2022951601,
Administrator’s NO: S1405
Phone number: +421(0)48 419 53 86,
e-mail: sekretariat@spravcovska.sk
www: www.rsbb.sk